How to take a shot

Taking a shot

You hit the ball by swinging the Laserclub over the Tee base - over the back row of sensors, over the moulded ball, and over the front row of sensors (those nearest the cord connecting the Tee base to the computer). It doesn't matter which direction the Tee base actually faces.

To do this, first make sure the Laserclub is fully extended (hold the clubhead in one hand and the handle in the other and twist anticlockwise while you pull the two halves of the shaft apart, and twist clockwise to lock it). Now switch on the beam and by pointing it at the floor ensure the straight edge of the 'D' of red light is facing the direction you're going to swing.

Now thread the safety cord over your wrist and tighten it by sliding the plastic toggle. Grasp the Laserclub handle with both hands in a golf grip.

To tell Lasergolf you're ready to swing, touch the red light beam over the rear sensors on the Tee base (don't let the light stray onto the front sensors or Lasergolf may think you've taken a shot). A green light comes on in the middle of the Tee base, and stays on for about 6 seconds. You have this amount of time to take your shot - if the light goes out, simply pass the beam over the rear sensors again.

Make sure there's nothing (especially other people!) around you, and nothing you're likely to hit with the club during your swing. With your feet slightly apart, bring the Laserclub back over your shoulder and then smartly down in a swing which takes the light beam directly over the ball on the Tee base. You should hear a 'click' as Lasergolf registers your hit and the green light on the Tee base should go out. (See How to swing for a short video demo.)


A second or two later, the player on the PC screen will hit the ball and you will be able to watch it fly off down the fairway. Hopefully.

When the ball stops Lasergolf will set up for the next player who can take a shot in exactly the same way. Play continues now with each player taking a shot in turn, the player whose ball is farthest from the hole being the next one to play.

You can change the direction of your shot in several ways. The simplest is to use the left and right arrows on the PC keyboard and check the direction the ball will take (if you hit it correctly!) by the yellow ball arc on the screen.

Once you're on the green, you use the Laserclub to putt in exactly the same way. Lasergolf will automatically select a Putter for you (as it automatically selects the appropriate club for you during the game).

When all players have putted in, Lasergolf shows you a Results window and then when you press Enter or pass the light beam over the rear sensors on the Tee base it sets up the leading player to take the first shot from the next tee.