Help with using Lasergolf
Support Request

We'll respond to any email you send us, and we'll try to fix any problem you have playing Lasergolf as soon as we possibly can...


please review all the information in these support pages and any other relevant pages on this website before you contact us. Most of the support requests we get (though there aren't many) are about PC performance and the way people swing the Laserclub.

To make a Support Request, please send an email to

Be sure to give us the following details:

When and where you bought Lasergolf
Your PC Processor (eg Pentium III/800Mhz)
RAM size (eg 256K)
Video card & memory (eg Radeon 9800 128Mb)
The version of Windows you use (eg Windows XP Home)
A general description of the problem and if relevant the part of the game it occurs
The following files from the Laser Golf folder on your PC, as attachments: Debug.txt, Lastgame.gam and ThisGame.sda