How to start Lasergolf

How to start the game

1 Double click the Lasergolf icon. The main Lasergolf window appears.

2 Double click on Test USB base. An illustration of the Tee base appears. You can now test that all the sensors work by turning on the Laserclub and shining the red light on each sensor in turn. There are 8 little glass lenses in two rows of 4. As you pass the light over each one a green light just ahead of the moulded ball should light up to confirm it is working. If any sensor does not light, unplug the Tee base, restart the PC and plug the Tee base back in. Restart Lasergolf and check again. If there is still a problem, contact your Distributor or send us a Support Request.

Press any key to return to the main menu window.

3 Now select Start a New Game
Then Fantasy Course
then Matchplay
then select the players you want to represent you and your friends by clicking on the player names in the list on the left of the window (you can choose just one or up to 8).

The next window confirms the players you've selected and you can change their ability level (beginner, amateur or professional) and some other factors.

4 Next, the Game Settings window allows you to switch on the sound effects, commentary and other features, then takes you to the main game screen.

And now you're ready to take the first swing of the game…>>>