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Main Menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

New Game: Use this option to start a new game.
Practice Hole: Use this option to practice any hole from the golf courses.
Resume Game: Select this option to resume a previously saved game.
Test Base Unit: Aim the club head image over each of the sensors individually. The green led will light to indicate the channel is working
Homepage: Link to on the Web.
Exit: Return to system.

Select Golf Course Menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

Select the golf course you wish to play.

Select Game Menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

Select the type of game you wish to play.

Stroke play: is traditional and an extremely popular game where the golfer wins if he has the least number of shots during the round.

Match play: Two or more players contest for the round. Total strokes are not important. The winner is based on who wins the most holes. The match is over when one player is ahead by more than the number of holes remaining.

Skins: is a game where the golfers are required to win the hole outright to claim the prize money or else it is jackpotted to the next hole. Additional prize money is also allocated at the end of the game to the player who hits the longest drive landing on Fairway or green, closest to the pin from the tee and longest shot which ends in the hole.
These three extra categories provide an enjoyable twist to the game as players strive to outplay each other. The game provides a "Go for it" feel in contrast to Stroke play. Prize money is selected at the beginning of the game for $1 to $50000 per hole.
Skins is a fast moving game as play is continued to the next hole as soon as the hole is won or drawn.

Players Menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

Once you have selected the game type, you will be presented with the Select Players Menu. If you want to add a new player select the Create or Change Players button.

To select a player click mouse on the players name in the players list. The name will now appear in the Selected Players list. Continue this step for all players.
Deselect Players: To deselect players, click mouse on selected players name. The name will be removed from the list.
Clear List: Select this option to clear the entire selected players list.

Player Settings

Laser Golf Software Manual

This menu allows you to quickly change the default settings for the player
i.e. Tee, ability level, desired measurement

Game Settings Menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

This menu allows you to select the different game settings for the round.
Holes to Play Select amount of holes you wish to play.
Weather Select the wind conditions.
Greens Select the Greens course conditions.
Sound Commentary on/off.
Background Sounds on/off.

Create or Change Players Menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

This menu allows you to create or change your players to match your own ability and preferences. The menu will present you with a golfer animation, a list of options and a select list.

Create New Player
1. Type your new name in the Players text box.
2. Now select your animation by pressing the mouse on the animations button. You will be shown an animation of the golfers swing. Select from the following settings and then press the Save Player button.

These options allow you to select the players' preferences and ability.
Professional This level has all features of the club swing included in your shot, such as follow through club angle and club offset from center.
Amateur This level is a medium level. The players' club head speed is used but the other components are reduced by half.
Beginner This is the easiest level. Only the players' club head speed is used so the ball will go where it's directed.
Select tees: Play from Black, White, Blue or Red tees
Select Left or right handed player
Measurement Select imperial or metric

Face thumbnail
Clicking on the face thumbnail will display all the pictures in this directory. Use the left and right scroll buttons to scroll the pictures. Click on the desired face for your animation.

Test Swing Press this button to view the player's swing.
Animation Select this option to change golfer animation.

Change Player Details
Select the name from the Players name list and the player's current animations and options will be shown. To change the options follow the instructions for creating a new player.
Delete Player After selecting the player, press the delete player button. You will be asked "Are You Sure". If you select Yes the player will be deleted.
Save Player You must save the player after making any changes.
Continue return to the select players menu.

Adding your own face

Laser Golf Software Manual

You can add you own face to personalize your player by placing a digital image of yourself into the faces directory, which is off the directory where you installed the game. i.e. C:\Program Files\Laser Golf\faces. The picture must be in BMP format and sized to 52x64 pixels and 16-bit color. Use your favorite graphics editor to resize and create your face.

How to begin a Practice Session

Laser Golf Software Manual

Practice Hole allows you to practice any hole on the course so that you can improve your skills. After a shot, the practice mode allows you to take a mulligan or have another shot. From the main menu select Practice Hole


This menu presents you with some views to help in selecting a hole. After playing the hole, you will return to this menu.

How to Play Laser Golf

Laser Golf Software Manual

Aiming your Shot

There are several ways of aiming your shot. By default the game will always aim your shot directly at the flag, except off the tee where you are pointed at the best approach position.

1. To aim your shot by using the top map, move the mouse into the top map window and holding and dragging the right mouse button the direction arc will change.
2. By pressing the left/right keyboard arrows.
3. By sweeping the detector channels on the base unit from left or right with the red club image, will also change your aim. The velocity at which you sweep will determine how much the direction will change.
Rotating the scene
Hold the Shift key and press the left or right arrow to rotate the view around the golfer. You can also use the base unit - see Laser Golf Quick Reference card
Ready to Swing
You are now ready to begin play. Set yourself up exactly the same as you would in a normal golf game.

Important: You MUST hold the red club head image momentarily just behind the ball over the trigger sensors 1 to 4 to turn the base unit on. A green led will light up to show the unit is ready. Now take your swing.

If you swung the image over the sensor pad correctly you will hear an audible swing sound to indicate that you have hit the ball.

Now stand back, watch and listen as your shot is displayed on the screen with TV type commentary and true real time 3D camera action.

Shot Completion menu

Laser Golf Software Manual

A sub menu will appear with the following choices:
Replay Shot - Replays the last shot
Continue - Select this option to continue play to the next golfer
Drop Ball or Penalty Shot If the ball is hit into the water you must select either drop ball or penalty shot.
Drop Ball - Places the shot at the point of entry into the water.
Penalty Shot - Take another shot from current position.
Note: Both these conditions have a one shot penalty.

Game Sub menus

Laser Golf Software Manual

These sub menus allow you to change various options during the game. To display the sub menus move the cursor to the bottom left of the screen.


End Game Finish game and return to main menu
Save Game Select this option to save the current game.

Note: The current game is always saved at the last scene and is called LASTGAME.GAM. This allows you to always return to your last position in the game in case of power failure

Preferences Select this option to change the game settings.

Display Menu

Top Map Toggle Top Map on/off
Scorecard Displays the scorecard
Flyby Show a flyby view of hole from any location
Grid Toggles the grid on/off
Tracer Mode Toggles the ball tracer on/off
Shot arc Toggles the aiming shot arc on/off

Shot Type

Putting Change to putter
Chipping Change to chip the ball
Straight Change to normal swing mode

How to use the on screen tools and information

The following information screens and tools are available.
Tip: You can change the position of these information windows by dragging with the left mouse button within the window. By using the right mouse button and dragging you can change the size and position of the windows. This setup is then saved with your golfer profile.

Top Map
Laser Golf Software Manual

The top map displays an overhead view of the golf course.
By moving the mouse into the map window and pressing the left mouse button you will be shown a view of the hole from this camera location. Distances and other data from the camera position will be shown.
By pressing the right mouse button and dragging will change your aim. To move this window hold and drag the right mouse button at the top of the window. To resize drag the right mouse button from the bottom left edge.

Golf Club Window
Laser Golf Software Manual

Before you have your shot the current selected club is displayed, as well as the suggested speed that the club head should hit the ball to make it to the flag.

Note: This is only an indication and is accurate ONLY on flat ground. Meaning if the target is elevated then you must hit a bit harder If the distance to the pin is too far away the speed will be displayed in red. The club range is also displayed.

Note: You will also notice a distance to the right of the suggested clubhead speed. This gives the landing distance from the pin. Make sure when you aim on the green that this distance displays inhole. You adjust the aim to achieve this and is mainly needed on sloping greens.

Post Shot analysis
Laser Golf Software Manual

After you have completed your golf shot, the information box will contain the distance hit and the distance to the pin. All the details are shown of your shot so that you can analyze your settings.

The speed of impact and impact loss due to not hitting it in the center is shown giving final impact speed. Type of shot is displayed. i.e. Slice or hook.
The arrows indicate the follow through direction and spin on the ball due to club head angle.

Information Window
Laser Golf Software Manual

This screen displays who is playing, at what level, number of shots, Total score, Hole number, par for hole and the current distance to the pin

Ball to Hole Height

Laser Golf Software Manual

The difference between ball and pin hole height is displayed in this information window.