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LaserGolf Development (LGD) specializes in the design and development of interactive golf simulation games. The latest product release from LGD is a small software driver which makes LaserGolf hardware compatible with the EA SPORTS™ Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® software.

LaserGolf uses a 'Light Club' that replaces a mouse or game-pad as the interface in PC golf games. The Light Club emits a beam of red light that projects a shape like the head of a driver and the "shot" is played by swinging normally at a golf ball on the sensor mat.

As the light beam passes over the sensor mat, the detectors pick up the pulses and software calculates clubhead speed, the angle and position of the club at impact, plus the direction of the follow-through.

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With the new software driver you can produce any type of shot as you can with the mouse when using Tiger Woods TRUE SWING™ (V) method. On top of this the LaserGolf hardware is completely configurable so you can adjust all the settings to the feel of your own swing.

So LaserGolf can be enjoyed by anyone, novice and expert golfers alike and lets you play golf like you want to - with a club, not a mouse. Play one hole and your hooked.

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