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LaserGolf Wins PCUser Award

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Lasergolf debuts at the E3 convention in LAand everyone wants to play!

Laser golf E3

The Electronic Entertainment Exposition (E3) held every year in Los Angeles is the world's biggest and most important forum for computer games developers and distributors.

Lasergolf was the most original new game demonstrated there, and attracted a huge crowd from morning until the show closed every day. And it wasn't just the guys who stop to play...

Laser golf E3

Was that a hook shot or a slice?

Laser golf E3 Laser golf E3

Laser golf E3

Some people wanted a picture

but some just HAD to have that game!

Laser golf E3

Laser golf E3

Games industry visitors from all over the US and many from as far as Japan, Korea and Germany stopped by to play the world's best golf game. NVidia, the video card developers, were very keen to try it

.Laser golf E3

But the most welcome visit was from Annalie Taylor of Channel 9, who filmed an interview on the development of Lasergolf and then tried the game.

Laser golf E3Laser golf E3


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