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2009 Januarary

LaserGolf in partnership with Actlabs and New Star Tech is about to launch the next generation of hardware and software for playing golf right in your living room. The next version of software supports Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008. The new product should be avaliable early in 2009.

2004 July

NEW! Use the Laserclub with EA Sports' Tiger Woods

One of the most-requested options in Lasergolf is to be able to play other PC golf games with the Laserclub. Lots of players have bought games like Links from Microsoft and Tiger Woods PGA Tour from EA Sports, and want to play these games as well as Lasergolf.

We've now developed driver software to allow the Laserclub and Tee base to work with these games. The Laserclub Driver is a small software routine which you load just before you start up the Tiger Woods 2004 program on your PC, having connected the Tee base via a USB port as with Lasergolf. The Driver checks that the Tee base is present and working, then remains in PC memory while the Tiger Woods game is running. It requires no changes to these programs to run, and they are unaware that the Driver is present.

The Laserclub works with Tiger Woods 2004 just as it does with Lasergolf - shot speed, direction and slice data are passed to the game program as if playing with a mouse - but now they're a lot more fun to play!

The Laserclub Driver is currently in beta test. If you are a Lasergolf customer and you'd like to try it out for the test programm, go here. You can download a demo copy of Tiger Woods PGA Tour to try from the EA website.

Links and Tiger Woods 2004 Pro Tour are software products of Microsoft and EA Sports respectively. All the owners' trade marks and other rights are acknowledged.