How to install Lasergolf

Lasergolf Product Box Product contents

The full Lasergolf product comes packed in a cardboard box with a full colour sleeve, and consists of

1 Laserclub
1 Tee base with 2 metres (6.5ft) of cord and a USB plug
1 software CD
a Software Licence Agreement

Note: Installation and Quick Reference Guides are now on the CD

Installing the game


Here's a complete run-through of how to set up Lasergolf for the first time.

1 Check you have everything: (check list above)

2 Check your PC is capable:(check Technical Requirements)

3 Insert 4 'AA' 1.5volt batteries in the Laserclub:
With a coin or a screwdriver unscrew the bolt on either side of the Laserclub head. The bolt comes apart and there is a metal plate on either side of the plastic Laserclub head protecting the internal electronics.

4 Now insert the batteries, 2 each side, with the positive terminals (the end with the tip) ALL pointing towards the front of the Laserclub (the opposite end from the handle). Although it is unusual to have all batteries facing the same way, it is to ensure good electrical contact during the Laserclub downswing.

5 Replace the metal plates - the one with the Lasergolf logo should be on the side with the little black ON/OFF button - and secure with the bolt and its head.

6 Now point the Laserclub at the floor and press the little power button on the Laserclub head. You should see a bright red light showing a 'D' shape on the floor. This represents the clubhead on a real golf club - you'll use the flat side of the D to 'strike' the ball. (The curved side tells Lasergolf how you actually hit the ball.)

7 Turn off the Laserclub, and uncoil the cord attached to the Tee base. Plug the USB connector into a USB port on your computer. If you don't have a USB port, you're in trouble. See Technical Requirements

What happens next depends on what Windows software you're running and how it's configured. If you're NOT running Windows, or you're running Windows 3.1 or Windows95, you're in trouble. See Technical Requirements

8 For Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows 98: You may get a window saying 'Human Interface Device detected' or 'New Hardware Found'. Windows should then go on to install the software to support this new hardware (actually it's just standard software to support the USB port). You should follow the instructions to complete this.

In many cases you'll simply see an icon pop into the taskbar in the lower right of your PC screen showing that the Tee base is connected to the PC.

9 Now insert the Lasergolf software CD into your PC's CD drive. If the drive is configured to Autoplay then you should next see the Lasergolf installation window. If not then open the CD drive and double click on Install.exe to start the installation process. Follow the instructions to install the game software.

You'll find a Lasergolf icon on the desktop confirming the installation was successful.