Keyboard, Tee base functions and shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts

The ESC key is used at all times to exit the current function and ultimately the current game.

While the Shot Window is displayed you can change most things about the current game just by pressing the following keys on the keyboard:

Alt+Enter Toggle the game display between a resizable windo or the full screen
Left/Right Arrows
- moves aiming left or right
Up/Down Arrows - increase decrease club loft
p Change to putt shot type
c Change to chip shot type
w Change to normal swing type
f Display a 'fly-by' of the hole
l Displays the predicted ball flight
s Show the scorecard
g Toggle the grid overlay
m Show game settings
+ Increase Club
- Decrease Club
z Toggle zooming on/off
o Toggle the particle system (for sand and water effects) on/off
v Toggle the Shot Arc on/off
e Toggle Fog effect on/off
Ctrl-j Toggle buggy mode
t Toggle the Top Map on/off
; Toggle ball flight tracer
Home Zoom in
End Zoom out

Quick view mode
While holding the Ctrl key use the up/down arrows to move the 'camera angle' forward and back and the left/right arrows to rotate the camera.
Ctrl+Shift up/down arrows move the camera up or down

In Buggy mode
Shift+up/down arrows move camera up or down
h Toggles camera height on/off
j Toggles buggy mode off/on

You can also use the Function keys along the top of the keyboard during the game for the following:
F1 - Calls up Quick Help - a list of keyboard function keys and their uses
F2 - Enables you to select the video functions you want (see Improving Performance)
F3 - Calls up a statistics window


Using the Tee base for control
It can be irritating to have to use the keyboard and mouse during the game, so as far as possible we've tried to make the common actions accessible from the Tee base. For example
To change the aim of your shot - gently sweep the Laserclub beam up or down over the FRONT sensors. The faster you sweep, the further the yellow ball arc moves, left or right, to the new aim direction.
Change club - shine the Laserclub beam on the front top sensor (less loft) or front bottom sensor (more loft). Each time the beam shines on the sensor the club moves up (or down) one.
Fly-by - Shine the beam on the middle 2 sensors at the front and you'll be taken on a 'helicopter ride' around the hole