Hardware Quick Reference Guide


Congratulations, you are the proud owner of the best computer golf game available today.

No more using your mouse to create a golf swing, Laser Golf is a completely integrated system using a virtual club to simulate your swing exactly the way you would play on a golf course.

The Club

The club has a telescopic shaft which must be fully extended before playing. The club is shorter than a normal golf club so you can play indoors. When the club is switched on, a red beam is projected to form a club head image. This image is swung over the base unit to simulate hitting the ball.

Warning: At no time should the club ever come in contact with the ball or base unit

The image has been carefully designed to be within focus when the end of the club is at least 20 cm from the base unit. The virtual club is powered by four 'AA' size alkaline batteries and should give over 10 hours of continual use before needing replacement. Always turn the torch off when not using to conserve power.

Note: If the club image appears weak then it is probably time to replace the batteries.

How to insert the batteries.

Laser Golf game

Undo the screw and sleeve and gently pry the covers off. Insert or replace the four 'AA' batteries with the negative ends connecting to the springs.

Base Unit Functions

Many functions can be achieved from the Base Unit so little use of the computer keyboard and mouse is required.

Before you can swing the club head image over the base unit, it MUST first be switched on by holding the image over at least one of the sensors 1 to 4.
This is what you normally do through your pre-shot routine or waggle.
A green led will shine to show the unit is ready to detect your swing. You have 8 seconds to perform your swing once you move the image off the trigger channels.

To Change Club
Hold the image over sensor 5 to change club up or 8 to change club down

To see a FLYBY of the hole
Hold the image over sensors 6 and 7. To stop the Flyby hold the image over any sensor 1 to 4.

To Aim your Shot
Sweep the image across sensors 5 to 8 to change aim right or across sensors 8 to 5 to change aim left. The speed of your sweep determines the amount of change.


Laser Golf game

Keyboard shortcuts

Left/Right Arrows - moves aiming left or right
Up/Down Arrows - increase decrease club loft
p - Change to putt shot type
c - Change to chip shot type
w - Change to normal swing type
d - Toggle terrain fine detail on/off (default ON for 18 hole courses)
e - Toggle fogging on/off
f - Display Flyby of Hole
s - Scorecard
g - Toggle grid overlay
l - Show current projected ball path
m - Game settings
t - Toggle Top Map on/off
PgUp (+) Increase Club
PgDn (-) Decrease Club
v - Toggle Shot Arc on/off
x - show Player Statistics (only for strokeplay)
z - Toggle fov zooming on/off
; - Toggle ball flight TRACER
Home - Zoom in
End - Zoom out
\ - Reset information windows

ALT +ENTER - Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode
F1 - Quick Help
F2 - Change Graphic Device and screen resolution
F3 - Toggle FPS statistics and Field Of View (fov)

V - displays graphic card details (only when in game)

Extra keyboard tips

Holding down the <Ctrl> key and using the arrow keys allows you to move around the golf course.
Holding down the <Ctrl - Shift> keys and using the arrow keys allows you to change camera height and move camera to the left and right while moving around the golf course.

When using the Top Map to view the terrain, keyboard keys 1 to 9 change the camera height.

To quickly change the number of sectors that will be displayed use the SHIFT + keys 1 to 6. (this does not work for fantasy course)


Typical Club Ranges
Your club will be automatically selected for you at the beginning of each shot. The program determines this by keeping track of your average swing speed when using your driver on the tee.

275 yds
251 m
2 Wood
260 yds
238 m
3 Wood
250 yds
229 m
4 Wood
235 yds
215 m
5 Wood
220 yds
201 m
1 Iron
235 yds
215 m
2 Iron
221 yds
202 m
3 Iron
208 yds
190 m
4 Iron
195 yds
178 m
5 Iron
185 yds
169 m
6 Iron
172 yds
157 m
7 Iron
160 yds
146 m
8 Iron
148 yds
135 m
9 Iron
135 yds
123 m
Pitching Wedge
120 yds
110 m
Sand Wedge
90 yds
82 m

Quick Installation Guide

Minimum System requirements

Connecting the Base Unit to the PC.
For most computers, simply plug the base unit USB connector into the USB port of your PC.
For Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP the system should recognise the hardware a few seconds after you plug it in. A window may appear saying 'New Hardware Found' and naming a USB device. If so, follow the instructions on this and subsequent windows to install the software support.
The base unit should now be ready and does not require any additional power source. Place the base unit on the floor and check that there is plenty of room to swing the club freely without hitting anything.

For best results use an area which provides a soft incandescent light so a clear view of the club head image is seen.

Note: Avoid any bright lights, such as direct sunlight, camera flashes and some florescent lights.

Installing the Software
Place the Laser Golf CD into your CD ROM drive. If the Autoplay feature is disabled you will need to log on to the drive using explorer and run INSTALL.EXE.

Note: You need at least 200Mb of space on the hard disk drive where you're installing this software.

Follow the instructions of the installation program.

Congratulations you are ready to play.

For more information on running the Laser Golf software see the LaserGolf Software Manual.