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Why does Lasergolf not see my shot? I'm sure I'm hitting right
This is the most common comment from new players. Generally the problem is in the way you're taking your swing (though this can also be a symptom of hardware or software problems with your PC).

The important thing is to get the 'D' of red light from the Laserclub to go over each of the two rows of of 4 glass sensors in the Tee base - and in the direction of the 'pointed' end, towards the end where the cable to the PC is attached. Try a few shots in Practise Mode by just swinging the Laserclub like a pendulum over the Tee base, at only moderate speed.

Don't forget to trigger the Tee base first. Many people forget that before you take a shot you have to point the Laserclub light over just the back row of sensors. A green light on the Tee base just in front of the ball will light to confirm that Lasergolf is ready for your swing. If you don't trigger, then Lasergolf may interpret your swing as the trigger and wait for you to swing when you think you already have.

Laser golf miss tee base unitIf you play golf, you know it's vital to keep your eye on the ball. Because the Laserclub feels a little different from a real golf club, experienced players often find they're hitting above the ball when they start - that is, the light beam is travelling over the top of the ball (further from you) rather than through it or beneath it. Try aiming at the lower part of the Tee base, nearer to you. It helps to turn the lights in the room down so you can see the path of the beam. And remember, just like golf, the trick is not to really belt the ball but to keep a smooth swing with a good wrist action.

If you still have a problem

1 Check the Laserclub is turned on and the light is bright (weak batteries will cause intermittent problems)

2 Close down and restart your PC, and restart Lasergolf

3 Check the Tee base is functioning correctly using the Check Base Unit option on the intial Lasergolf menu

4 Test your swing using Practise Mode and moderate swings over the Tee base. Make sure the Laserclub beam moves over both sets of sensors on the Tee base

If you still have a problem, file a Support Request with us.

Do I have to play with the same club throughout the game?
Your Laserclub stays the same, but the game software gives you different clubs at different stages of your game. For example, it will start off with a Driver, then depending on how well you hit off the tee, it may select a 3 or 5 Iron, or a Sand Wedge if you landed in a bunker, and a Putter when you get to the green. You can override the game's selection and choose whatever club you like before you take your shot.

Can I take my shot again?
Not unless you're in Practise Mode. Just like the real game!

Can I play as a left handed golfer?
Yes, just turn the club over so the D shape image is a left-handed club - that is, the straight part of the D faces in the direction of your shot.. But you must also select "Left Handed" when creating your golfer so the program knows it will receive left handed data from the Tee base unit during your shot.

Laser golf tee baseWhat are all the things I can do with the Tee base?
It can be irritating to have to use the keyboard and mouse during the game, so as far as possible we've tried to make the common actions accessible from the Tee base. For example

To change the aim of your shot - gently sweep the Laserclub beam up or down over the FRONT sensors. The faster you sweep, the further the yellow ball arc moves.
Change club - shine the Laserclub beam on the front top sensor (less loft) or front bottom sensor (more loft). Each time the beam shines on the sensor the club moves up (or down) one.
Fly-by - Shine the beam on the middle 2 sensors at the front and you'll be taken on a 'helicopter ride' around the hole

Can I add new faces and animations?
You can add new faces (or any image you like!) to represent you during the game. Go to Hint & Tips to see how. You can't add new animations.