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Questions & Answers - Laserclub

The club and mat

Can I play the game without a Laserclub?
NO! If you want to use a mouse, you'll need to buy one of the other PC golf games which exercise your mouse skills

My Laserclub won't collapse
To extend the Laserclub, hold the head in one hand and the handle in the other, pull out, and twist clockwise to lock. To unlock, turn anticlockwise. If this is doesn't work, or the head starts to turn, put the Laserclub head down on a carpet and strike the handle down towards the head with a heavy book or a wooden mallet.

If you expect to be constantly extending and closing the Laserclub, apply a little Vaseline or paraffin wax in the area of the joint in the shaft

Are all Laserclubs the same?
We ship a standard Laserclub, designed to be the best length and weight for people in the normal height range. Children and very tall adults might find it difficult to hold the Laserclub so that the optimum size 'D' of light (about 4" or 10cm) is projected over the Tee base.

We will make you a Laserclub that's a little longer and heavier if you'd like to get closer to the feel of a real golf club. Call your Distributor or look at the Buy Lasergolf pages on our website for more details.

We have changed the design of the Laserclub over time, as we find out what's best for the game and for manufacturing.

Can I use more than one Light Club?
Yes - all Laserclubs will work on all Tee bases.

Do I need batteries?
The Laserclub uses 2 (current models) or 4 AA-size batteries. They last about a month if you play every day and switch off when you're finished. Rechargeables or any other format will work.

What about the sensor mat - does that need batteries?
No - it gets its powered from the PC, via the USB port connection.