Developments archive

6th Aug 2003

Upgrade to Version 1.07

- Includes new Golf Course called Sandpiper

Major Changes from version 1.06.1:

1. Improves the putting dynamics, especially for longer putts.

2. Fixed some minor problems.

3. Added a warning test for minimum video memory.

28 May 2003

1 DEMO Version 1.0 removed and updated

2 Upgrade to Version 1.06.1

- Includes a new Golf Course called Golden Shoe

Major program changes from version 1.0:

1. The program will now ignore any shot that is less than 15% of the estimated required clubhead speed. This reduces the chance of unwanted shots from 'waggling' or accidentally passing the clubhead image over the sensors.

2. Playing only the first 9 holes now supported.

3. Retains the previously-set Graphic setup

4. An extra Graphic Option is added to control the level of drawing detail, by sector. For more powerful graphic cards you can increase the sectors, or you can decrease to improve frame rate on slower machines.

5 Data such as distance to pin is now displayed when moving the camera about in the top view window

Program fixes:

After changing video mode the golfer will now display correctly

A problem which triggered a shot when submenus are displayed is fixed

21 May 2003

Lasergolf debuts at E3, the world's biggest and most important symposium of computer games developers and distributors.

Watch a short movie about LaserGolf using MS media player:

LaserGolfAd.wmv (6 MB)