Game details - Play

The Shot Window

The main Lasergolf display is the Shot Window, which is the window onto the golf course.

At the top right is the top view, which gives an aerial view of the hole you're playing. A yellow line shows where the ball will go if you hit it cleanly. Left click with your mouse and hold, and you will be taken in 'buggy mode' to that point, while a window opens to show you how far away you are from the tee and hole. Right click and the yellow aim line will move to the place you are pointing. There are other ways you can shift your aim - see Changing the aim.

Top left is the player details window showing the face and name of the player, the hole he's playing and which shot. You can resize and move this window by left clicking and holding while moving the mouse or right-clicking and moving up or down to resize.

The elevation window in the lower left (though you can move it with the mouse) shows the height of the green above the tee.

The window in the lower right shows the shot details - the distance to the pin, and the currently-selected club. The suggested speed that the club head should hit the ball to make it to the flag or pin is also shown.

Note: This is only an indication (and may not even be possible!) and is accurate ONLY on flat ground.If the target is elevated (see the Elevation window in the bottom left of the Shot Window) then you must hit a bit harder. If the distance to the pin is too far away the speed will be displayed in red. The club range is also displayed. You can move this window by right-clicking and moving the mouse.

Changing the club
You can change the selected club (sometimes you need to, for example if you're in the trees) by pressing Page Up or Down on the keyboard. You can also change the club selection by pressing + or - on the keyboard, or by shining the Laserclub beam on the top or bottom of the front row of sensors on the Tee base.


Changing the aim
By default the game will always aim your shot directly at the flag, except at the tee where you are pointed at the best approach position. You can change the direction of the shot by pressing the left and right arrows on the keyboard, or by sweeping the Laserclub beam up or down over the front row of sensors on the Tee base. Hold the Shift key and press the left or right arrow to rotate the view around the golfer to see where to aim. You can use the Tee base for this, too. See Hints & Tips


Set 'Ready'
Before you can take a shot, you have to tell Lasergolf you're ready to swing. Do this by shining the Laserclub beam over the BACK row of sensors on the Tee base, when the green light will go on, signalling you have about 6 seconds to take your shot. Be careful not to allow the the beam to stray over the front row or Lasergolf may take this as a shot.


Now swing the Laserclub so that the red beam, with the flat part of the D shape facing the direction of swing, sweeps over the back and then the front row of sensors, sweeping over the moulded golf ball as it does so. As in the real game, the faster you can make the club head swing, the faster and further the ball will fly. If your swing is good, the green light will turn off. If not, or you wait too long, a message 'Setup and swing again' appears on the screen.


You will hear a 'click' from the PC as the ball is struck, and a second or two later the golfer on the screen will hit the ball the same way you did. The display will 'fly' with the ball until it comes to rest, when the Shot Analysis window is displayed. This tells you how far you hit, at what speed, and what (if anything) was wrong with your shot - for example, that you sliced it into the rough.The arrows indicate the follow-through direction and spin on the ball due to the club head angle.

You can replay the shot to watch the ball's flight again, but you cannot re-take the shot (just like in the real game!).Press Continue and the Shot Window appears for the next golfer to take his shot.


Shot Window sub-menus
There are three submenus which will appear if you move the mouse over the lower left part of the Shot Window. They are (from left to right)

Save menu

End game - finish and go back to Windows
Save game - give a name and save the game at this point
Preferences - gives the option to change fogging detail, fine detail, sector drawing and to turn on and off the commentary or background sounds. These all have an effect on performance at the expense of graphic or aural realism - so turning off fine detail for example will speed up the graphics

Display menu
Scorecard - display the current score between players
Top Map - take off or put back the Top Map in the Shot Window
Grid - turns on a grid around the ball so that you can see the curve of the green. This is especially useful when putting
Flyby - takes you on a 'helicopter ride' so you can see the hazards and lie of the current hole
Ball Tracer - shows a trail behind the ball in flight so you can see it clearly

Shot Type menu
Putting - restricts the swing to a putt
Chipping - changes to a wedge shot
Straight - sets up for a drive or other long shot