Game details - Setup

This section leads you through all the major windows in the Lasergolf game, in the sequence you'll meet them. You can use this to see the range of the game or as a reference while you're playing.

By default the game is installed in the folder Laser Golf in the Windows Program Files folder, and an icon is placed on the Windows desktop. Plug in the Tee Base and then click on this icon to start the game.

The first display you'll see is the Main Menu:

Lasergolf Main MenuMain menu
New Game: Use this option to start a new game.
Practice Hole: View the location and details of the 18 toughest holes. You can select and play or practice any hole from this screen.
Resume Game: Resume a previously saved game (the default Lastgame or any game you've previously saved and named.
Test Base Unit: Check the video card and Tee base
HomePage: Links to this Lasergolf website
Exit: Close the game and return to Windows.


Lasergolf Test Tee BaseTest Tee base
Check that the Tee base is connected and working properly. You'll get a message if it is NOT connected. If it is, shine the Laserclub beam over each of the 8 sensors in turn to check that the unit is sending the correct data on each swing. If you don't connect the Tee base, Lasergolf plays automatically in demo mode.




Lasergolf practice holePractice Session
Practice Hole allows you to practice any hole on the course so that you can improve your skills. After a shot, the
practice mode allows you to take a mulligan or have another shot.
From the main menu select Practice Hole

This menu presents you with some views to help in selecting a hole. After playing the hole, you will return to the Select Practice Hole Menu.


Resume Game
This menu presents you with a list of saved games. Select the game you wish to resume by clicking the mouse on the name in the Game List. The information box will display the course, hole number, number of players and date of game.
Press Play Saved Game to resume play.
Press Delete Game to remove from list.

For example, if your last game was interrupted due to power failure it is always saved as LASTGAME so you can resume play from where you left off.

select gameSelecting New Game leads to the Game Menu
This menu allows you to select the type of game you wish to play.

Strokeplay:a traditional and an extremely popular game where the golfer wins if he has the least number of shots during the round.
Play tends to be more conservative as one bad shot can ruin the whole round.

Matchplay: Two or more players contest for the round. Total strokes are not important. The winner is based on who wins the most holes. The match is over when one player is ahead by more than the number of holes remaining.

Skins: is a game where the golfers are required to win each hole
outright to claim the prize money or else it is added to a jackpot. Additional prize money is also allocated at the end of the game to the player who hits the longest drive landing on fairway or green, closest to the pin from the tee and the longest shot which ends in the hole.

Skins provides an enjoyable version of golf as players strive to outplay each other. The game provides a "Go for it" feel in contrast to Strokeplay. Prize money is selected at the beginning of the game of $1 to $50,000 per hole.Skins is a fast moving game as play is continued to the next hole as soon as the hole is won or drawn.

Select courseSelect Course
Lasergolf offers a number of courses for you to play, and more are added from time to time to download from this website. These are fantasy courses or are modelled on real courses





Select a playerSelect Players
Select Players: To select a player click mouse on the players name in the players list. The name will now appear in the Selected Players list. Continue this step for all players.
Deselect Players: To deselect players, click mouse on selected players name. The name will be removed from the list.
Clear List: Select this option to clear the entire selected players list.
Note: For Skins and Matchplay, you must have selected at least two players



Create or change playerCreate or change a player
You can create a golf player or change an existing player to match your own preferences.

To create a new player,
1. Type the name of the player in the Players text box, and choose the tees to play from - White for professional, blue for amateur and red for ladies. You can switch from right to left-handed and use meters or yards for distance measurement, and you can choose the ability of your golfer, between Beginner, Amateur and Professional.

Professional This level has all features of the club swing included in your shot, such as follow-through club angle and club offset from centre.
Amateur This level is a medium level. The players' club head speed is used but the other components are reduced by half.
Beginner This is the easiest level. Only the players' club head speed is used so the ball will go where it is directed.

2. Now select your animation by clicking on the animations button. Each click shows a new golfer animation, from a set of men, ladies and children. You can also select the shirt colour. Pressing the Test Swing button lets you see the golfer in action

3 Click on the picture of the face under 'Settings' on the screen and you'll see a selection of different faces which you can use to represent you during the game. The arrows underneath the picture let you scroll through the complete set of face pictures. You can add your own photo if you have a digital photograph. See Hints & Tips to see how

The final setup screen is the Game Setting window. Here you can modify

Sector Drawing - which governs how quickly Lasergolf creates the course details. If you have a slow video card or PC, you can help speed up transition between shots and holes and on 'fly-bys' by clicking on this, to reduce by 5 down to a minimum of 15 from the default of 60.
Holes - The back or front 9 or all 18 holes of the course
Weather - Windy, Breezy or no wind
Conditions - Normal, Soft or Hard ground
Commentary - Turn this on or off
Background sounds - Turns these on or off

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