About the Lasergolf Company

Lasergolf is developed and supported by Lasergolf Development Company, based in Queensland, Australia. Australia is well known within the computer game industry for the skill of its games developers and for the work they've done on so many top games.

Laser golf Ron BrillThe Lead Architect and developer at Lasergolf is Ron Brill. Ron has been working on software for golf games since 1995, and is responsible for a host of innovations and techniques as well as for the complete games Golf Pro and America's Toughest 18, both distributed through Village Roadshow. An electronics engineer by training, Ron is responsible for the design and development of both the game software and the Laserclub and other hardware components of Lasergolf.

Laser Golf Mike NewmanRon's business partner is Mike Newman, who divides his time between Australia, the UK and North America, and is responsible for international marketing and sales.

You can contact Ron and Mike at info@lasergolfgame.com